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A complete rebranding along with
customer acquisition strategy for
BtoB and BtoC buyers

With a brand created in 1972, World‘s Finest Chocolate appeared dated. They needed to appeal to a younger customer base, attract a new generation of sales people and generate qualified leads.

Strategy / Approach

After conducting customer and sales research, we created brand messages, a new identity, a creative marketing platform, product packaging and a digital marketing program. We launched a national paid media and lead nurture campaign, then developed recruitment tools to attract the sales team they needed in order to grow the company.

Result / Final Experience

“We Fund Communities” is the new theme that expresses the company‘s mission, while also providing additional meaning for the initials WFC. With brand guidelines in place, we helped train their team to implement the ongoing marketing and social media programs. WFC has benchmarks for customer acquisition costs at a profitable ROI to build upon and take the company to the next level.

YTBG helped us make a major transformation for our nearly 80-year old brand. Yvonne and Tom guided us through the collaborative discovery process and delivered a thoughtful, impactful identity package that supports our rich fundraising heritage and matches our culture. The responses from our employees, salesforce and customers have been overwhelmingly positive. We are thrilled with our new look and tagline, “We Fund Communities”, which genuinely captures who we are and what we do.—Eddie Opler, Chairman and CEO (and the Founder‘s grandson),
World‘s Finest Chocolate