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We humanize BtoB brands.

BtoB buyers are consumers too. They don’t want to struggle to understand what you offer. They want solutions that make their lives better. Through research, we uncover insights that guide the creation of messages and brands that are simple enough to be remembered with a smile and a promise.

We‘re left brain

We‘re right brain

We actually “get” technical offerings. That’s because one of our founders is an entrepreneurial engineer. We tell your story so that it comes alive and is loved by customers. That’s because one of our founders is a creative strategist. We’ll make your story come alive, even for folks who aren’t technical.
Because we have the mind of an engineer and the soul of an artist.

We work better because we’re
not an agency.

We’re a network of experienced strategic and creative leaders who come from the best agencies across the country. And we’ve been set free of the constraints, costs and processes that make the typical agency model slow and expensive. That means we can do what helps our clients the most, in ways that make the most sense. And we do it more efficiently and effectively than any other agency can.

Meet our team.

  • Tom Fornoff

  • Yvonne Tocquigny

  • Wayne Henninger

    Public Relations
    Wayne Henninger Communications
  • Guy Bommarito

    Creative Director and Writer
    Independent Creative
  • Lori Walls

    Design Director
  • Brian Monnone

    Video Director
    Big Flavor Films
  • Alan Robbins

    Interactive Director
    Moose Worldwide Digital
  • Won 100 local, regional and national awards for creativity in the first 3 years of business.

  • Began a 15 year-long relationship with AMD, handling brand and marketing

  • Began managing reseller marketing for Seagate.

  • Tocquigny ranked in the top 10 of Adweek‘s Independent Digital Agencies for over 15 years running.

  • Rebranded The Washington Times newspaper in collaboration with Landor.

  • Began working with various BtoB segments
    of Caterpillar.

  • Began handling BtoB customer acquisition
    for NRG.

  • Developed the first iPhone app for Chrystler.

  • Created the first mobile blog platform for Tory Burch.

  • Rebranded NFP Advisor Services and created a recruitment program to acquire new advisors.

  • Began working with USAA to implement their new brand across channels.

  • YT Branding Group
    was formed.

  • Developed messaging and a new brand and website for CMFirst, a Capital Factory company.

  • Began working with G2OPS, a Virginia-based cyber-security company, with a complete re-brand and new website engagement.

  • Began total re-brand and customer acquisition marketing program for 60-year-old World’s Finest Chocolate, located
    in Chicago.

  • Launched BtoB PR awareness campaign for Modernize Home Empowerment.

  • Yvonne Tocquigny founded Tocquigny as a creative boutique in Austin, Texas.

  • Beginning of a 22 year-long relationship with Dell, focusing on BtoB marketing.

  • Began a 10 year-long relationship with HP.

  • Managed product launches into Walmart
    for Keepsake
    Diamonds Jewelry.

  • Began a 17 year-long relationship with World Vision.

  • Began handling student acquisition marketing for Regent University.

  • Named one of the Top 3 Interactive Agencies in the nation by BtoB Magazine.

  • Began handling branding and customer acquisition for Teradata.

  • Became a founding partner of the Capital Factory.

  • Tom Fornoff joined Tocquigny as President.

  • Rebranded Qualico, Canada’s second largest real estate company, and implemented digital marketing programs across 6 regional locations.

  • Created and implemented a digital strategy for Citgo to help serve their retail customers and drive business to local retailers.

  • Tocquigny was sold to Archer Malmo, a Memphis ad agency.

  • First total rebrand and website execution as YTBG for Zenoti.

  • Rebranded and renamed the Applied Materials semiconductor manufacturing software business for the pharma

  • Began a lasting relationship
    with Accruent.

  • Began a re-brand and website concept for Whole Earth Provision.

  • Began a re-brand with market launch materials for Atlanta-based K2View.

  • Created market launch website for Mobiliti, a national car subscription company.

Tocquigny now a full service agency

100 awards

Top 10

Top 3

YT Branding Group formed

Been there.
Done that.

We could be a fit if you need:

Simple memorable messages that define what you do.
A brand that positions your company as being better than your competitors.
Marketing and PR to create awareness and generate new customers.