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Differentiation and accelerated
company growth with new messages
and a simple approachable brand

G2OPS wanted to expand their business beyond government contracts to serve new vertical industries. They needed a clear way to explain their services and benefits.

Strategy / Approach

We helped define the services and moved G2OPS from general consulting to a focus on four defined offerings. We developed a message platform to articulate the value proposition and the key messages, then created a simple visual brand. Using animation of the logo, we’re able to convey the ever-changing nature of cyber threats and tell the story of how G2OPS identifies weaknesses before they are compromised.

Result / Final Experience

G2OPS is equipped with the tools to develop and grow their business across multiple vertical market segments.They’re rapidly adding customers and winning deals. And, they have a position of respect in a competitive industry.

We were skeptical that an agency could understand our complex service offerings. But YTBG helped us shape the way we talk about G2OPS and positioned the company for growth. We went from a blah technical image to a position as an industry player in a matter of months. It’s made a difference in the way we’re perceived on sales calls and at industry events.— Tracy Gregorio, CEO, G2OPS