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Brand transformation for a digital
transformation business

Founded in Israel by data scientists, K2View lacked an easy-to-understand explanation of what they did for customers. Prospects often didn’t believe their claims that sounded too good to be true. With all the “digital transformation” messages in the market, K2View needed a way to articulate their unique offering in a way that got the attention of the right prospects.

Strategy / Approach

We created a unifying message platform that was embraced by the entire company. Then, we developed a marketing platform with a creative attitude so K2View would stand out and be remembered.

Result / Final Experience

K2View’s distinctive brand is an advantage in developing new business. They are equipped with a modular communication system that can be easily updated as they pivot into new opportunities.

I have been spending time speaking to analysts, and all of the forward-looking ones really love our brand and the boldness of our message. While our leadership takes it for granted now, I get this great feedback all the time from the people we designed it for: customers, partners, analysts!— Von Wright, CSO & CMO, K2View